Established in 2009. Evergreen Horses

The first natural horsemanship school in India that offers a wide range of activities from horse training, riding, to horse and hoof care, catering for beginners and advanced of all ages. We are offering several activities aimed at the betterment of the horse and human relationship. We are open from 9am until 11am and 3:00pm to 6pm on weekdays, we are closed on sundays.


The journey

640x480In 1998 five people,from different countries, settled in a township called Auroville in Tamil Nadu, south-east India. They initially concentrated their energy in reforestation and building a new community, which they named Evergreen. Subsequently, as most of the community members had a passion for horses they decided to start a project called Equilodge, which initially was meant as a stabling facility but also had some school horses to give children the opportunity to learn how to ride. Over the years, the people that started the community and the Equilodge project took a step back. Some of the remaining children were keeping the project alive and took care of the horses for a few years thereafter.
In 2009 Sara became the new caretaker, and expanded the project and brought it to the next level and thus Evergreen horses was born. Since then many people have joined and formed a team to cover a multitude of activities. Following Auroville’s ideal of never-ending education, the project aims to introduce natural horsemanship as a tool to learn and communicate with horses in a non-violent way.

640x480This new adventure started off with four horses carried over by the previous project and four new young untrained ones. It was a challenging phase where a small group of 6-7 year old children and a few still quite green horses learned side by side using the concept of natural horsemanship .The idea was to introduce children to natural horsemanship as an alternative to the traditional riding school techniques. We wanted both horses and humans to start working together like partners.
Over the past years, as we got more resources, our team gaining more experience and knowledge as well as the kids learning along with the horses, the project could really expand and we have now progressed into the first natural horsemanship school in India.
Our activities range from simple guided rides to the more complex skills of ground training, freestyle riding and working with a horse at liberty. Recently, to broaden our curriculum we started offering barefoot trimming classes based on the work of Pete Ramey.
This work has been so much needed in this surrounding area that our team goes out to other horse owners in Auroville to teach them how to maintain their horses hooves in the most natural way.

Today our herd consists of 5 horses and 5 ponies, we have 20+ regular students ranging from 6 to 30 years old who attend classes, programs and events. For the future we would like to expand our facilities and bring the concept of natural horsemanship into the world of competitive sports in Auroville and India but most importantly we want to create the best possible environment for both the horses and humans.

May the horse be with you!