What Makes Evergreen Horses Different?

There is a small herd of horses that lives in Evergreen forest, Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India. Evergreen Horses is a project for children and adults alike. It is a place where one can learn about natural horsemanship, how to enhance communication with horses, which in turn will touch every other relationship in our lives. Its more than just about the horse, it really dips into ones personal development. You learn about yourself, communication, leadership, truthfulness, consequence, and responsibility. You develop imagination and love, and the horse becomes the animal that tells you the truth about yourself in all these categories.


Dedicated  Instructors

We have a team of four instructors specialised in different areas of natural horsemanship and general horse care.

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The School

We are located in the center of the Evergreen forest in the International city of Auroville, south-east India.

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Our Horses

We have ten horses, each of them having a unique character making them the best companions for any human.

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The activities we offer include horse training, riding, hoof maintenance, general horse care and much more…

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